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Author Cynthia Streit Mazzaferro

Don't cry over the past,

you cannot relive it.

Don't stress about the future,

it will never arrive.

Live in the present

and enjoy every moment.

Cindy Mazzaferro
I am excited to say that I have been hard at work finishing my book about self-empowerment:

It is my belief that my book will be published in the beginning of 2015, and it encourages the reader to participate in their own self-discovery and self-healing.

'The ONLY person who can SAVE yourself is YOURSELF.'

My book will explore how our past has shaped each and everyone of us and provided a bench mark to address our spiritual lessons that we were meant to resolve, acknowledge, develop and use in service of others.

Our lives (Universe) continues to present symbols, synchronistic opportunities to help us journey along. Do YOU see them or DO YOU continue to ignore, and walk away?

I discuss the importance of self-love, self-empowerment, self exploration and self-enlightenment.

In addition, I share with the reader my life story, my difficulties and the road that I have been molded to pursue, the many synchronistic opportunities that have presented themselves that have pushed and catapulted my life's passion as inspirator, educator, and healer.

'There is a POWER within EACH and EVERYONE of YOU that is greater than the world'

Unlock your God-given gifts, develop them and see where and how you are to use them in service of others. Learn how self-love is critical to health and happiness. We often judge ourselves harsher than those around us. Fear is a crippling force, that holds you back, stuck and unable to move forward. The mind in some ways cripples us and constantly replays our memories, magnifying our shortfalls, insecurities and often changing our perception of the factual data of the event.

You will see how your thoughts and feelings dictate what comes into your life. The Law of Attraction and Intentional Living will be explored and assist you in creating a Life you were meant to live.

YOU never know who will be touched by your words, or inspired by your actions.

The flow of energy will be examined and assist you in learning how to assess and maintain healthy energy flow patterns that will improve your well-being: physically, mentally and emotionally.

All this takes individual: introspection for healing, forgiveness, empowerment and self-realization.

If you have come upon my book, website or attended one of my presentations, realize there are NO COINCIDENCES.

YOU were meant to read my book, explore your life purposes, and look for inner peace, beauty, and love.

Learn how to talk to your higher self, follow your heart and intuition and silence the mind which is filled with doubt, fear and trepidation.

I also share many healing stories that have happened all over the world, on land, sea, air and in vehicles. Many of my participants from my presentations are in awe as to how people gravitate to me, the connections and remarkable transformations, healing and personal growth that occurs.

YOU too can make a difference.

Believe in yourself, DO NOT be afraid

Embrace yourself and see the true beauty within

You are great and have a specific purpose

Believe in yourself, DO NOT be afraid

Please visit often, look on my other pages on my website.

You have opened a door, do you choose to walk in or shut the door?

I encourage you to come to one of my presentations, call or email me for coaching or a healing session.

If you treat the physical symptoms and not the cause; then true healing will never occur; physically, mentally, emotional and spiritually. Open your mind and trust the process, don't let your FEARS hold you back.

Be open to receiving, learning, hearing, forgiving, understanding, positivity, perception, intentional living, self-love and empowerment.

I believe in YOU but that does not matter, If YOU DO NOT BELIEVE in Yourself.

We do not meet people by accident, they are supposed to cross our path for a reason.
Please visit: Cynthia Mazzaferro - author/presenter site